Friday, May 24, 2013

Baldwin's Ohio Employment Practices Law

Recent developments in the 2013 edition include:

  • Discussion of rulingsof the National Labor Relations Board as to whether widely observed employer practices impermissibly restrict concerted activity by employees in violation of federal law. See section 2:4.

  • The decision of the Ohio Supreme Court in the case of Lawrence v. City of Youngstown, 133 Ohio St. 3d 174, 2012-Ohio-4247, 977 N.E. 2d 582 (2012), in which the court held that an employer had an affirmative responsibility to provide an employee notice of the employee's discharge within a reasonable time after the discharge occurred, to avoid impeding the discharged employee's 90-day notification oblications under the Ohio statute governing the time limit for an employee to provide written notice to an employer of a worker's compensation retaliation claim against the employer. See section 3:36.

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