Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Baldwin's Ohio Practice Ohio Statutory Charges

New features and recent developments in the 2012 edition include:
  • A new section on possession of a prohibited photograph by a person convicted of a sexually oriented offense or a child-victim oriented offense.  See section 2950.17
  • A new section on interference with or diminishing forteitable property.  See section 2981.07
  • An updated discussion of the Ohio Supreme Court's rulings on Ohio's sex offender registration statue. See section 2950.04

Thursday, July 5, 2012

Criminal Defense Techniques Release 105

The latest release of Criminal Defense Techniques includes complete revisions to Chapter 58 How to Handle a Misdemeanor or Offense, Chapter 60 Defense of a Juvenile Accused of a Crime, Chapter 76 Supreme Court Procedure, Chapter 77 Conflicts and Multiple Representation at the Pre-Indictment Stage, and Chapter 78 Cross-Examination of Accomplices and Informers.