Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Searches & Seizures, Arrests and Confessions, 2d

New features and recent developments in release #28 include:

  • United States v. Skinner, where the Sixth Circuit held that a court determines whether a defendant's resasonable expectation of privacy has been violated by looking at what the defendant is disclosing to the public, and not what information is known to the police. (see section 2:21)
  • United States v. Tapia, in which the Eighth Dicruit held that the United Parcel Service agent's decision to hold a package in the office and invite a detective to inspect it did not fall within Fourth Amendment protection. (see section 2:7)
  • United States v. Cowan, where the Eight Circuit upheld a vehicle search when an officer used the alarm button on key fob-seized during the execution of search warrant on an apartment for evidence of drug trafficking -- to identify a parked car.  (see section 11:3)

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