Thursday, October 25, 2012

Ohio Supreme Court Publishes Interactive "Planning for Parenting Time: Ohio’s Guide for Parents Living Apart"

The Ohio Supreme Court has published an interactive guide entitled "Planning for Parenting Time: Ohio's Guide for Parents Living Apart." According to the Court's news release, this guide is "child-centered" and "provides guidelines for parenting time schedules... and customized options and ideas to structure parenting time based on the child’s age, the level and civility of the parents’ interaction and the daily schedule parents and children maintain." Specifically, the guide "contains at least 20 different parenting time options with sample schedules, tips, and pros and cons of using each option. The guide also covers how to handle holidays, vacations, and school breaks as well as modifying plans to account for long-distance parenting and relocations." The Court plans to send a print version of this guide to all Ohio domestic relations and juvenile court judges, as well as all legal aid organizations.  Text taken from Cleveland Law Library Weblog.

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