Monday, October 1, 2012

Ohio Juvenile Law 2012 Ed. (Baldwin's Handbook Series)

New features and recent developments in the 2012 edition include:
  • A new discussion of the effect of a juvenile's age in assessing constitutional challenges to a statute.  See Section 4:4.
  • Coverage of recent legislaton (RC 2152.122(B)) authorizing the "reverse transfer" of a case from criminal court back to juvenile court for disposition under certain curcumstances. See Section 17:9.
  • Coverage of the Ohio Supreme Court's decision in the case of In re C.P., 2012-Ohio-1446, 2012 WL 1138035 (Ohio 2012), in which the court held unconstitutional some of the  registration and notification requirements imposed on juvenile sex offenders by RC 2152.86.  See Section 6.5.
  • Discussion of recent legislation (RC 5152.51 to 5152.59) governing the determination of a juvenile's competency to stand trail. See Section 19:3
  • Coverage of recent U.S. Supreme Court decisions holding that the constitutional right to effective assistance of consel extends to plea negotiations.  See Section 19:5.

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