Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Ohio Trial Practice -- Baldwin's Ohio Handbook Series (2014)

New features and recent developments in this 2014 edition of Ohio Trial Practice include:

  • Does the fact that a prosecutor breached a plea agreement to not speak on the issue of sentencing entitle a defendant to withdraw his guilty plea? See State v. Graham, 2013-Ohio-600, 2013 WL 659094 (Ohio Ct. App.5th Dist. Delaware County 2013), discussed in Section 4:33.

  • Should a trial court suppress a recording of a conversation between defendant and his mother in a closed interview room? See State v. Williams, 2013-Ohio-5076, 2013 WL 6081535 (Ohio Ct. App. 11th Dist. Trumbull County discussed in Section 29:2.

  • Can a court seal the records for a dismissed charge that arises as the result of the same act that supports a non-sealable conviction? See State v. Pariag, 137 Ohio St. 3d 81, 2013-Ohio-4010, 998 N.E. 2d (2013), discussed in Section 39:27.

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