Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Ohio Planning and Zoning Law 2013 Ed. (Baldwin's Ohio Handbook Series)

New features and recent developments in the 2013 edition include:

  • Rumple Sanitary Landfill, Inc. v. Colerain Township, 134 Ohio St. 3d 93, 2012-Ohio-3914, 980 N.E. 2d 952 (2012), in which the Ohio Supreme Court ruled that a private sanitary landfill is not a public utility and, therefore, cannot be exempt from township zoning when there is "no public regulation or oversight of its rates and charges, no statutory requirement that all solid waste devivered to the landfill be accepted for disposal, and no right of the public to demand and receive its services, " See Section 6:33.
  • Clifton v. Bannchester, 131 Ohio St. 3d 287, 2012-Ohio-780, 964 N.E. 2d 414 (2012), and Moore v. Middletown, 133 Ohio St. 3d 55, 2012-Ohio-3897, 975 N.E. 2d 977 (2012), two cases in which the Ohio Supreme Court addressed the standing of nonresident landowners to allege a taking of land or a violation of due process or equal protecytion. See section 14:6.

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