Friday, January 20, 2012

Equitable Distribution of Property 3d

New features and recent developments in the 2011-2012 supplement include:
  • Discussion and criticism of new New York statute adopting a mandatory perliminary injunction against dissipation. (§ 3:8)
  • Extensive new discussion of the effect of orders making an early division of marital property, and of procedural issues arising when early division is requested. (§ 3:9)
  • Treatment of virtual assets -- accounts and characters in online games -- as divisible property. (§ 5:10)
  • Classification of employment discrimination verdicts and settlements. (§ 6:54)
  • More on verbatim or nearly-verbatim adoption of proposed findings and orders. (§ 8:3)
  • Effect of changing market conditions on an order of sale which specifies a listing price (§ 9:14)

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