Thursday, March 13, 2014

Courtroom Persuasion (2d) by Russ Herman

This 2013-2014 update includes Chapter 8A Storytelling in Direct Examination of Fact Witness.  When well done, direct examination is more persuasive than cross-examination.  Learn form a master of the art as he shares his techniques for direct examination of a fact witness.

Sowald & Morganstern Domestic Relations Law (Baldwin's Ohio Practice Series)

Recent developments in the 2013-2014 updates include:

  • Coverage of Civil Rule 65, under which a court may refer to a magistrate civil protection order proceedings under R.C. 3113.13, R.C. 2151.34, and R.C. 2903.214.  See section 31:16.

Equitable Distribution of Property (Third Edition)

New features and recent developments in this 2013-2014 update include:

  • New discussion of tracing issues involving sick and vacation leave (section 5:11)
  • New discussion of comp time as marital property (section 5:11)
  • New discussion of whether individual retirement accounts (IRAs) are subject to ERISA, such that a QDRO must be obtained when IRA benefits are directly divided (section 6:18)
  • Revised discussion of whether use of marital funds to pay living expenses incurred after the date of classification constitutes dissipation of marital property (section 6:105)
  • New discussion of whether equitable distribution is available following a foreign divorce decree from a country that does not divide marital property upon divorce (section 9:20)
  • Additional case law discussing enforcement of express and implied hold-harmless obligations regarding marital debts after one spouse's direct liability to the creditor has been discharged in bankruptcy (section 9:22)